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ETFO is Updating Membership Information

The year 2020 has been a year of challenge with the COVID-19 pandemic following an unprecedented round of bargaining with the Ford government. The provincial office processed about 250,000 strike cheques for members who stood together in solidarity on picket lines across the province.  The past year has given us the opportunity to reflect and think about how we can serve you better.

Keeping our membership database current and up to date is a key element for continuous improvement and good service. A complete and accurate membership information system will allow ETFO to deliver timely communication. To accomplish this goal, we are asking that you provide us with your personal, non-work, email address and your personal mobile or home phone number.

NOTE: If you have previously provided your Board email address and phone number, please update your member information with your personal email and phone number.

Three things you can do to keep your membership info up to date!

  1. Click on the link below and complete the form to update your data. 
    Membership Update Form

    Please fill in and complete this form annually or at any point when your information changes.
  2. Be proactive and provide your personal email and mobile or home phone number by:

    a. Email at Please be sure to include your ETFO ID or OCT/DECE number.
    b. Telephone at 1-888-838-3836, extension 3806
  3. Respond to membership surveys to keep your membership information up to date and to help us serve you better. Look out for the 2021 survey within the next few months

What are the benefits to updating your membership data, you ask?

  • ETFO will be able to communicate and send you important information faster and when your School Board phone and computer systems are down or when you are not in school.
  • ETFO will be able to use the latest technologies to pay members in an efficient, secure and cost effective manner by e-transfer when the need arises. E-transfers are payments made by email and eliminates the need to print and mail physical cheques. When receiving payments by e-transfer, you can by-pass the need to set up a password if you turn on the auto deposit feature.

Help us to help you! Provide your personal non-work email and home or mobile phone number.