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Election 2022

ETFO is mobilizing for the provincial election on June 2, 2022. Under the leadership of Doug Ford, the Conservative Party has made deep cuts to Ontario’s public education system. Students, families, and ETFO members feel the effects of Ford’s cuts every day including large class sizes, lack of funding for special needs students, and a backlog of needed school building repairs.

To provide the tools needed for mobilizing to elect a government that will make public education a priority in Ontario, ETFO has created a video training series, fact sheets, and tip sheets to help members mobilize for the June 2022 election. Download the resources below.

Comparing the Education Platforms

See where the political parties stand on key education issues: PDF | Word

Organizing Resource Videos

  • Introduction to Organizing
  • How to have One-on-one Conversations about election issues
  • Introduction to Canvassing
  • Summer Organizing Training Series - Where's The Power?!: This session will provide members with a practical understanding on how to identify members who can be allies in the fight for public education at their worksites and their communities. This exercise is called "mapping". This is key to defeating the Ford Conservatives and a vital exercise for any member, or local committee to conduct this before launching into a ground campaign. 
  • Fall Organizing Training Series - Media Training: Media is an important tool that members can use to promote ETFO's values, challenge dominant narratives, and to protect public education by talking about their experiences in Ontario's education system. This training will give members an opportunity to learn to develop pitches, to expand community reach and use alternative media sources.  
  • Fall Organizing Training Series - Electoral Organizing: Election campaigns are driven by financial and volunteer resources. Electoral Organizing 101 will be a broad overview of the roles, strategies, and concepts of election campaigns. This training workshop will demystify how election campaigns actually work through discussions on how to become a candidate, volunteer roles, donations, communications, data tracking, and getting out the vote.
  • Summer Organizing Training Series - One on OneThis session will provide members with the tools and strategies essential to holding tough conversations going into this election. We will engage members in practical exercises that will teach each member how to build a message box and understand who their audience is. The session will include scenarios that will provide teachers and education workers with the skills and information to answer challenging questions as they engage the community in the fight for public education.
  • Canvassing 101: In this training participants will be guided through the different forms of voter outreach. Participants will learn how to canvass communities virtually, go door-to-door and how to participate in a phone bank.
  • Where We Live Interviews: In this series, teachers and education workers talk about what's needed for public education in Ontario.
  • Get Out the Vote (GOTV): This training video takes you through how a campaign moves supporters to the polling station. This is the final step to lead a campaign to victory.

Election Issues Fact Sheets / Tip Sheets

Fact Sheet - Member and Student Mental Health:PDF | Word

Fact Sheet - Imagine a Better Future for Public Education:PDF | Word

Fact sheet - Climate Justice: PDF|Word

Fact Sheet - Cuts to Education PDF | Word

Tip Sheet - How to Have Effective Conversations about the Election: PDF | Word

Tip Sheet - Identifying and Working with Community Allies:PDF | Word

Tip Sheet - Stewards: Your Role in Political Action: PDF | Word

Tip Sheet - Local Action Ideas for ETFO Stewards & Locals:PDF |Word

Tip sheet - Canvassing for Candidates: PDFWord

Tip Sheet - Tips on Using Social Media to Support Public Education: PDF | Word

Podcast episodes: